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 Focused on our Future 

It is an honor to represent the people of Sandy, Draper, and White City in the Legislature.

I am a moderate with a track record of effectiveness on issues ranging from clean air to reducing the cost of health care. We have talented, informed people in House District 32, and I listen to constituents, learn from every conversation, and work hard to represent our community.  I bring civility, integrity, and a willingness to work with others to find common sense solutions to the Legislature.

As a legislator, I run common-ground bills with Republican co-sponsors and have passed legislation focused on:

  • Reducing healthcare costs

  • Supporting education and student safety

  • Improving access to mental health resources

  • Emergency preparedness (Sandy water crisis)

  • Improving our air quality

I believe there is more work we can do together. The future of our state depends on elected officials that will fight to preserve what makes Utah great, while also working with others to make Utah even better. I continue remain focused on our future and I’m asking for your vote.




 Get Involved 

When I first decided to run for office, I knew I couldn't do it alone. Together, we have made our voices heard in the Utah State Legislature. I believe there is more we can do for our community—I hope you will join me. 

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 Meet Suzanne 

I grew up in Provo where my parents both spent their careers working at BYU. I went to Timpview High School and then attended Stanford University where I met my husband, John, who was raised in Centerville, Utah.


After Stanford I graduated from medical school at the University of Utah, and completed my residency in anesthesiology at Harvard University. We’ve lived in District 32 for over a decade. Our children attend local public schools. John works as a Senior Director of Engineering at Lucid Software.


I am a board-certified medical doctor at Riverton Hospital. I also volunteer in our community, schools, and in our church.

I originally ran for office because I did not feel represented in our state legislature. I am asking for your vote so I can can continue to fight for your family. I promise to remain an effective fiscal watchdog and to focus on the issues that affect everyday Utahns.


Keep in Touch



I am a moderate concerned that our Legislature has consistently failed to take meaningful action on the problems facing our state. I am out talking to voters and listening carefully to your concerns so I can best represent you in our Legislature.


Economic Growth

Many families are struggling right now. Our economy is being tested unlike before, and we must do everything we can to address this crisis. That includes fostering a safe and healthy community so that we can get back to a healthy economy. Put simply, anyone willing to work hard to support their family deserves the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Together, we can make that a reality for state. 

Affordable Healthcare

We must find ways to reduce healthcare costs in our state. As a medical doctor, I bring an important perspective to the Legislature because I see firsthand how our broken health care system can harm Utahns and their families. I will continue to promote innovation, transparency and competition to help curb healthcare costs. Tackling out-of-control prescription drug prices is something I'm passionate about and and I will never stop advocating for your interests - not special interests.

Mental Health and Addiction Resources

I believe we should provide resources for Utah's vulnerable populations, especially who suffer from mental health issues and addiction. As a medical doctor, I understand that mental health is an important piece of our overall health. That's why this year, I worked to secure funding for school based mental therapy sessions for uninsured or under-insured children.

We have a growing opioid addiction and mental health crisis in our state. On average, one Utahn dies each day from addictions leading to overdoses. As a medical doctor and expert in pain management, I will fight for evidence-based solutions to ensure Utahns receive the care and services they need.

Fiscal Watchdog

​I am committed to making sure our taxpayer dollars are spent appropriately and responsibly. We must be conservative in how we tax Utahns. That is why I opposed the flawed tax bill that raised taxes on food.  I also fight against wasteful spending, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting Education

One of the reasons I ran for the Utah Legislature is that my daughter had 29 kids in her kindergarten class in our local public school. I volunteered in that class and watched her overworked and overstretched teacher try to address the needs of so many kids. We can do better by our kids, and we need new leaders with fresh perspectives in office to improve the educational opportunities for all Utah kids.

I am pleased to be endorsed by the Canyons Education Association, and also serve on the Canyons Education Foundation Board. I also serve on the PTA Board for Alta View Elementary.

My kids are in public schools with your kids. I will fight for them to have every opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Air Quality

Utahns deserve to breathe clean air! Our air pollution is harming our health and our economic future. Our air pollution increases the risk of serious breathing problems, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and shortens our lifespans. We have a unique geography that demands unique solutions, and we need to be wise stewards. We need cleaner burning fuels, better air quality monitoring, and we need to encourage cleaner vehicles. Everyone, including industry, should do their fair share to address this serious problem.

Cleaner Vehicles and Tier 3 Gasoline

Over half of the particulate pollution in our air shed comes from vehicles.

Using low-sulfur fuels that meet Tier 3 standards can reduce emissions by

as much as 80%. That is like taking 4 out of 5 cars off the road. That's why

I ran a  resolution encouraging the purchase of Tier 3 fuel and decided to

launch  to raise awareness about this important issue.

Transparency, Accountability, and Good Governance

I originally ran for office because I didn't feel heard by the legislature. I felt that legislators were listening to special interests, not my interests. My values that drove me to run have not changed--transparency and accountability remain a driving force behind all my decisions.


There are only five states that have no limits on campaign donations. Utah is one of them.
That’s why I sponsored a bill that created campaign contribution limits, to prevent a wealthy few from dominating the political conversation. Campaign contribution limits are one way to protect everyone’s free speech and amplify the voice of individual Utah voters.

I believe we should do everything we can to improve the integrity, accuracy, and accessibility of our elections. That is why I passed a bill that improved the election code to reflect current practices and technology in elections. 


Other Issues



As the proud aunt of ten adopted nieces and nephews, I’m incredibly grateful for each of their brave birth moms who chose life through the gift of adoption. They are a special part of our family.

As a medical doctor, I believe in the sanctity of life and I work to save lives. My personal position on abortion is consistent with the teachings of my faith, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am committed to reducing number of abortions and support policies that help reduce unwanted pregnancies like quality prenatal care and a strong economy with high-paying jobs.


Community Safety

Neighborhoods in Sandy and Draper must be safe. We need to support local police and fire personnel, improve school safety and security, and ensure that all residents are safe in our community. I am proud to be endorsed by local police and local firefighters.

Religious Freedom

I support our Constitution and cherish the freedoms it provides. I will continue to work to protect freedom of religion while ensuring all people are treated equally under the law. ​ ​







My campaign is all about listening. Please reach out with your concerns and suggestions.

Representative Suzanne Harrison
1192 E Draper Parkway #573
Draper, UT  84020



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