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 Meet Suzanne

Suzanne Harrison has devoted her life to serving her family and our community, and is now running for an at-large seat on the Salt Lake County Council.


As a Democratic state representative representing Sandy and Draper, Suzanne has earned a reputation for putting progress and fiscal responsibility over politics and partisanship. As a doctor at Riverton Hospital, Suzanne makes life-and-death decisions based on science and data to keep her patients safe.

She grew up in Provo where her parents both spent their careers working at BYU. She went to Timpview High School and then attended Stanford University where she met her husband, John, who was raised in Centerville, Utah. Today they are raising their three wonderful children in Draper.

Suzanne's Policy Priorities

Lower the cost of living in Salt Lake County

With the housing market out of control and inflation rising, Suzanne will work to lower the cost of living in Salt Lake County so that everyone who wants to stay here or make a home here can afford to do so.

Improve our air quality and protect our water

Suzanne has brought her scientific expertise to the Legislature to fight for better air quality and clean water.
She'll bring that same commitment to the County Council and work hard to protect our environment.

Keep taxes low and make spending more efficient

Suzanne is a fiscal watchdog in the Legislature, looking out for taxpayers. She called-out no-bid contracts, defeated the Legislature's attempt to raise the food tax, and voted repeatedly to lower taxes on Utah families.

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